20.05.2011 - 19.06.2011
Hydres, l'Oeil de Poisson,
Québec, Canada

Crédits photo : Ivan Binet

Oeuvres exposées

Guillaume Adjutor Provost
Darwin's First Diagram From a 1837 Study, 2011
Cactus, soil, clear acrylic, steel
88 cm x 254 cm x 20 cm
private collection

Three Skulls Found Near Ungava Bay, 2011
Cyanotype on fabric (75% cotton, 25% polyester)
256 cm x 80 cm (each)
Single edition

Probably the Skull of a Young Woman, 2010-2011
Cyanotype on paper
60 cm x 90 cm
Edition of 2

While reading Peter Sloterdijk, 2011
Acrylic coated steel
210 cm Ø

Untitled (two Alpenstock), 2011
Chromium plated aluminum
245 cm x 2.3 cm x 2.3 cm
private collection


During the solo exhibit Hydras, my artistic research was based on a re-appropriation of the Gesamtkunstwerk. I used The Gesamtkunstwerk, or total work of art concept, as a point of comparison in order to explore a form of artistic production that would simultaneously bring together art, design and curatorship. My show was structured such that it would offer a space that favoured the experimentation of the possibilities for intervention curated within my installation. During the exhibition, five artists were invited to present their work in this alternative context.

Emily DiCarlo
A Present Which I Have Been, 28.05.2011 - 29.05.2011

Maude Veilleux V
La Mécanique, 04.06.2011

Marie-Claude Gendron & Hugo Nadeau
Dieux Deux, 05.06.2011

Réal Martel
Hortus Botanicus, 12.06.2011 - 19.06.2011

Étienne Baillargeon
La Caverne, 20.05.2011